C + P

Opened in 2018 in the heart of Los Angeles, C + P is transforming the way European-crafted kitchen, bath, and closet systems come to life in Angelenos’ homes. With dedicated one-on-one consulting and an innovative approach to design, C + P facilitates the creation and installation of the full catalogue of Bauformat products, custom-designed and tailored to meet your exact needs. Services provided are Design, Planning and Installation by independent trained installers, we can provide A-Z service. C + P works directly with Bauformat—eliminating the middlemen and significantly reducing costs for the client.

Nader Naderi

Nader Naderi, the founder and Head Designer of C + P Design , brings a unique blend of expertise and a discerning eye for design to his work. A former advisor to designer denim brands and co-founder of fashion company, The Great China Wall, Naderi is also a professional chef and restaurateur. This unique combination allows him to craft kitchens that are aesthetically exceptional while also suited to deliver a truly functional experience. This delicate balance of form and function ensures an elegant and effectual final product guaranteed to withstand the test of time.


For the discerning homeowner seeking uncompromising craftsmanship and unmatched quality, Bauformat is the leading choice of modern European kitchen, bathroom, and closet systems. Since 1929, the German brand has established itself as the trusted manufacturer of modern kitchens that infuse timeless design with state-of-the-art technology. Built from premium materials that integrate innovative technology and unparalleled precision, Bauformat designs are ahead of their time. Committed to high environmental standards, responsible suppliers, and efficient production, Bauformat has become an industry leader in sustainability. The brand’s deep-rooted values are evident in its superior line of products.